Last Updated: December 2017



Warning: This Drug May Kill You (2017 – HBO): director of photography
Heroin: Cape Cod, USA (2015 – HBO): co-producer, camera
The Hunting Ground (2015 – CNN): additional cinematography
Code: Debugging the Gender Gap (2015): camera operator
T-Rex (2015 – PBS): camera operator, assistant editor
Hot to Trot (2017): camera operator
The Life Equation (2016): camera operator
The Destruction of Memory (2016): camera operator
First Friday (2015 – PBS): camera operator


Facebook – Internet.org: Shaibu (co-pilot, 2017): director
Facebook – Internet.org: Charles (co-pilot, 2017): director
Mesocare Lawyers (Persistence of Vision – 2016): director of photography
Genentech Oncology Institute 2016 (Studio B – 2016): director of photography
ICA: Red Bay Coffee – Solomon and Keba (Werehaus – 2015): director of photography
Gilead 2014 Annual Review (Tolleson – 2015): camera operator
Mothercoders (2015): director of photography
Wholesome Bakery Saves the World (2014): director, producer, director of photography, editor
Apple: Making a Difference. One App at a Time. (Slim Pictures – 2013): camera operator


She’s the Ticket – Episode 105: Christine Lui Chen (2017 – Topic, production company Left/Right): producer/cinematographer
Can This Water Park Make Fun More Inclusive? (2017 – New York Times): cinematographer
Can Texting Save Lives? (2017 – New York Times): cinematographer
Betting on Trump: Water (2017 – Frontline): director of photography
Even in Darkness (2016): director of photography
Food + Water (2016): director of phogotaphy
KQED Arts: San Francisco’s City Hall Illustrated by Jeremy Fish (2015 – PBS): director of photography
Are Police Reforms Changing Cop Culture Inside the LAPD? (2015 – Frontline): director of photography
VICE SPORTS MEETS Stevie Williams: From Homeless Kid to Skate Mogul (2015 – VICE): director of photography
Great Schools: Parenting Styles – When Parents Disagree (2015 – Great Schools): director of photography
Great Schools: Chore Wars – Through a Parent’s Eyes (2015 – Great Schools): director of photography
How to Teach Empathy to Preschoolers (2015 – Great Schools): director of photography
The Shopper Bus (2015 – The New Yorker): camera operator
Underground Wrestling is Extreme and Unreal (2015 – AJ+): director of photography
Beautiful by Night (2014 – indie): director of photography
Stickup Kid (2014 – Frontline): director of photography, co-producer, additional editing
Lorenzo (2014): director, producer, director of photography
The Hidden Sentence (2014): director, producer, director of photography
Marie’s Dictionary (2014): director of photography
Altered State: Colorado’s Marijuana ‘Green Rush’ (2014 – AJ+): director of photography
Oklahoma Shaking (2014 – AJ+): director of photography
Is School Enough? Supplemental Stories (2013 – PBS): director of photography
– Spoken Word Poetry Empowers Users to Use Authentic Voices
– How Design Thinking Can Empower Young People
– How Gardening Enables Interdisciplinary Learning
– Constructive Sustainable Houses Develops Collaborative Skills
– How Making Robots Captivates Kids’ Imaginations
– Internship Offers Meaningful Real-World Learning
– How Building a Car Can Drive Deeper Learning
California is a Place: Superman (2013): assistant editor


One Day in the American City (2016 – PBS): field producer, camera operator
CNN Heroes: Sherri Franklin (2016 – CNN): director of photography
Faultlines (2013 – Al Jazeera): director of photography, School-to-Prison PipelineWomen Behind Bars
Time of Death (2013 – Showtime): camera operator, season 1, episode 2
Is School Enough? (2013 – PBS): camera operator
Inside Man (2014 – Morgan Spurlock for CNN): assistant camera, season 1, episode 1
Live from the Artists Den (2013 – PBS): camera operator, The Wallflowers
Soundtracks: Music Without Borders (2012 – PBS): camera operator